Get way more matches

We analyzed the code of the tinder algortihm and discovered a glitch that allows everyone to generate insane amounts of matches. It is super easy to use and works no matter how you look like.

It works for everyone

Many people think that you have to look like a model or bodybuilder to succeed on Tinder but this is wrong. With the "glitch method" it doesn't matter how you look like, I can promise you will get a lot of matches in any case.

15-30 matches per day

I am an absolutely average guy and with the glitch method I get between 15 and 30 matches every day, sometimes even more.

My friends tested it too

I told my closest friends about the glitch to test that it works for everyone. And as you can see it works amazing for them too.

What others say

Every day I get messages from people who started using the glitch and are very happy about it. Here you can see some feedback from my Instagram DMs.


You will get 15-30 matches every day


Your likes will increase dramatically


The glitch is super easy to use


The glitch works in every country


The "glitch" is basically a method that exploits a bug in the algorithm to generate a large number of matches. You can think of it more like a tutorial on how to exploit the weaknesses of the algorithm to your advantage.

How exactly I got the info about the bug in the algorithm, I can not tell you for various reasons. But that should not matter.The only thing that matters is that it works.

I've been using the glitch method for a year now and it still works the same as on the first day. So I guess this will never change. Still, I ask you not to share the glitch publicly on social media.

The exact number of matches you generate can vary of course, but I can guarantee you that you will definitely get a huge increase in your matches. In most cases a minimum of 15 matches per day is easy to reach!

Of course they are all real matches. You are not fooling any users here, but only the algorithm. The women you match, have liked you of their own free will.

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